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Coconut Conundrum

The American Heart Association Presidential Advisory Board recently published a new scientific review and recommendations for dietary fat intake, including a recommendation against the consumption of coconut oil.  This has lead...

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1. Nutrition

1. Nourish the Engine

…¬†Movement & Exercise1. Exercise Design Worksheet2. Relax but Super Relax for...

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  I started with Clyde at 197 and after 6 months I am 165. Clyde has totally changed the way I approach eating. His nutritional outlook made it extremely easy to work with him. He understands the mental/psychological side of eating and the scientific side. I could still eat the foods I loved (burgers, steaks) while also eating healthier.

I look better, feel better and eat better all because of Clyde's help. Do yourself a favor and see Clyde.

thumb Jeff H.