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Upcoming class starts 20 April

My 6 week course to manipulate your diet to achieve metabolic goals (weight loss, gain, fitness, etc.) via the internet walks you step by step to discover what gaps in your eating are holding you back in spite of all your...

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Long Articles 1. Personal Nutrition 2. Vegetable Parachute   Short Articles 1. Food Facts vs. Fads 2. Obvious Unknown Food Facts 3. Optimum Nutrition 4. Nutrition Thumb Rules 5. Extreme Natural Diets 6. How We Are The Same...

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Upcoming class; Spring quarter

SCI 12 – Personalized Metabolic Nutrition (creating your diet)

Metabolism Research

The Super Relaxed State ~ 1,000 Cal

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  I had a great experience working with Clyde. His guidance for clearing up my acne was easy to follow and my new diet has had amazing results! My skin has cleared up and I haven't had an acne cyst in over a month. I would definitely recommend him to anyone experiencing skin problems.

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