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  Being a personal trainer and holistic nutrition counselor myself, I thought I know all I needed to about nutrition. But then I started dealing with some troubling hormonal imbalances. Nothing I knew to do nutritionally or through exercise was helping. I went to both my GP and my Ob/Gyn and all they wanted me to do was gain weight and take hormones. I tried all the drugs they prescribed, and no luck. I did all the diet modifications, and even tried weight fluctuations; all to no avail. I finally gave up, and then I met Dr. Wilson. With his detailed bio-chemical background, I thought he might be able to figure it out. I knew it couldn't hurt. Well, my issues even stumped him for a minute, but after doing much research he came up with a plan. Within 4-5 weeks, I was like new. It was UNBELIEVABLE!!! No specialists could help me, not even my own nutritional savvy was helping. Once he pinpointed what was lacking and in what amounts in my diet, bingo!!!
Thank you Dr. Clyde for not giving up on me, and caring enough to do go the extra mile. That seemingly simple advice may very well have saved my bones, saved my sanity, and even help me to now start raising a family!!!

thumb Daniella D.