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Long Articles 1. Personal Nutrition 2. Vegetable Parachute   Short Articles 1. Food Facts vs. Fads 2. Obvious Unknown Food Facts 3. Optimum Nutrition 4. Nutrition Thumb Rules 5. Extreme Natural Diets 6. How We Are The Same...

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  As a Chiropractor I thought I already knew a lot about health and nutrition.   I met with Dr. Clyde because I wanted to make sure I was putting my knowledge to practical use on a day to day basis.  After our first meeting, at his recommendation, I simply changed around a few things and quickly noticed a remarkable improvement.  One thing that really stood out was the soreness i experienced after my work outs was eliminated within a week of making the changes Dr. Clyde suggested.  Feeling better allowed me to take my work outs to the next level.  I have and will recommend his services to my own patients as well as my family and friends.

thumb Michelle C.