What to eat

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4. Results

Metabolism drives healthy weight loss.  This is because our body is a system of parts working together in steps, combining the air we breathe with the food we eat to drive function, burning fat in the process.  The fat we burn as we raise our metabolism is not just...

3. Movement

Physical activity, even very low intensity that most would not call exercise, activates muscle, raising metabolism significantly for up to a quarter hour after movement has stopped.  This is why postural adjustments and activity breaks have such a large metabolic...

2. Recovery

The biggest and most common mistake leading to a dramatic loss in metabolism occurs with exercising individuals who fail to recover the nutrients they specifically lose during exercise.  Exercise nutrient loss takes three forms: perspiration (water and electrolytes),...

1. Nutrition

For individuals who do not have metabolic goals (weight loss, reducing metabolic disease risk, increasing exercise recovery), simply eating healthy foods is enough.  The body does just fine adjusting to practically any healthy diet that is thrown at it.  However, when...


  Dr. Clyde has helped me to eliminate my insomnia, exercise induced asthma, and food cravings, all through proper nutrition. He told me which foods I needed to add to my diet (i.e. vitamin C and sodium) to help eliminate these problems.

Thanks to him, I am living healthier.

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