Creates your personal nutrition program in steps through 4 homework assignments
This course distills and simplifies the complex science of nutrition down into actionable take-a-ways. In the end, we want to overcome the barriers that inhibit our achieving our nutrition goals by designing effective personalized programs that work, but that also maintain enough of our natural eating pattern to make it sustainable. It is the overlap between making effective changes, together with eating how we already like to eat, that creates a truly sustainable program. While each person must ultimately find their own personal path to discover what works best for them, including scientific ideas in that process can help inform the process for significantly improved results. This course is for those who have struggled to make diets work for them and are ready to fix what they are doing instead of adopting a diet that forces them to change who they are. It is also for the person who believes in only fixing what needs fixing to reach goals, leaving everything else as is.

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