An effective metabolic program is simple, efficient, and personalized.  Simplicity comes from knowing what to fix (and what does not need to be fixed), while efficiency comes from knowing how to fix.  This combination avoids wasting time on a program that has little to no impact.  Personalization demands that a program pays close attention to what you like to eat, and how you like to live your life, so that changes are consistent with who you are.  The powerful combination of simple personalized efficiency both achieves your goals and keeps you there.  

Our steps for fixing your metabolism:

  1. Contact me with a brief description of your situation.  I will reply with initial thoughts and a questionnaire asking for specific details; this better prepares us for an efficient discussion.
  2. We have a 90-min discussion, up to 2 hours if your situation is complex, by phone or internet conference.
  3. I write your program, which for most people is entirely focused on nutrition.  Small adjustments to your exercise or stress/sleep balance in some cases strongly leverages the nutrition benefits.  

The nutrition program organizes recommended changes by a) priority, b) which of your goals they achieve, and c) whether they focus on what or when you are eating.  These different perspectives enable each individual to connect with whichever way of looking at the program best suites how they think personally.  

The program then estimates your nutrient needs to make adjustments to your meals and snacks, fixing what you are already doing without fixing anything that does not need to be fixed.  This approach creates a program that looks, feels, and is unique to you since the key adjustments are integrated into what you are already doing.  

A program that feels right to you because it is built around who you already are makes it sustainable, while the knowledge of how to integrate key critical changes makes it efficient, the combination creating what you are ultimately after: effectiveness.